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Testimonials & Reviews

Everyone's talking about Gael!

"Phoning you was the best decision we made on our trip . . . an investment that paid off a hundred-fold."
The McDermott's, Seabrook, NH

"We only had a few days in Monterey, but after your tour we knew exactly how to spend it. Your advice made our stay something incredible."
T. Tolson, London, England

"We're still reliving our great aquarium tour. You made us feel like privileged guests . . . count on us for next year-I want to know more!"
The Stauffers, Los Gatos, CA

"We've been back a few weeks but we'll keep the beauty of the places you took us in our minds forever. You are so patient, knowledgeable and kind . . . we will never forget you."
D. Ronning, Clinton, MD

". . . we all thought your Point Lobos tour was the highlight of the weekend!"
Laspo Family Reunion, San Francisco, CA

"As usual, your presentations were the epitome of professionalism and downright fun!"
V. Stewart, Villa Cypress, Pebble Beach, CA

"You know your Steinbeck. Your blending of his work into the region's history was superb. . ."
R. McGill, Bethay Beach, Delaware

"Thanks for showing my visiting family around the Peninsula. I've lived here for 22 years and didn't know what I was missing until your tour! We were all totally impressed and can't thank you enough"
S. Glenn, Monterey, CA

"I could have listened to you for hours!"
R. Hoffer, President, California Groundwater Association